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Home delivery of household essentials to seniors in CanadaWe feel young at heart and we don’t feel like we are growing older.

Unfortunately, sometimes our bodies disagree with our hearts.

At Safety for Seniors we understand that people want to be independent and complete their daily tasks without aid.

As we get older, some activities that were easy and we took for granted now require thought and planning.

Don’t feel shame. Aging is a natural process and we all go through it.

I see so many seniors deny themselves the aids they need because of pride. 

They feel that purchasing a mobility aid or using safety precautions around the house is a sign of weakness or some awful admission that they have gotten old.

Remember, one in three seniors will fall this year. A fall can lead to major injury and even result in death. A devastating injury like a broken hip can strip away all independence. 

Having the good sense to use the required safety and mobility aids can keep you in your home and taking care of yourself for the years to come. Weakness? Far from it.

We need to adjust our attitudes. Do you feel shame when you buckle up in the car? Are you less of a person because you need this seatbelt to survive an accident? Home safety is no different.

With this in mind, we have done some research to bring Canadian seniors the best, most highly rated daily living / mobility aids available.

Home delivery of grocery and laundry supplies in Canada

Shipping is available throughout Canada and most products are available for free shipping. (See Amazon.ca for full supersaver shipping program details)

All of the mobility aids / devices that Safety for Seniors chooses to feature will help you in your daily life and are highly reviewed by actual users.

At Safety for Seniors, we are committed to bringing you the safety and mobility aids that can help you live a healthy and independent life.

We may have to change the way we do some things, but we can still be productive and active.

You don't have to struggle. It can be easier. There is no shame in getting what you need!

Mobility Aids

Accessibity and mobility aids for Canadian seniorsMaybe you just need a little support or some help with balance. 

Safety for Seniors features top quality mobility devices for every purpose. 

Choose from some of the top rated mobility aids available in Canada.

Reviewed by Canadians! Find out what actual users think of their purchase. Would they buy again?

 Learn more about mobility aids 

Low Vision Aids

Low vision can make everyday tasks more difficult. 

A person with low vision may find it difficult to accomplish activities such as reading, writing, shopping, watching television or other tasks we take for granted.

Low vision aids for Canadian Seniors

Low Vision aids are like tools in a tool box. 

Just as a carpenter needs a hammer, screwdriver, and pliers to complete different tasks, someone who is visually impaired will need a number of Low Vision devices to perform various activities.

Low Vision Aids are tools that help those with vision loss maximize their remaining vision.

 Learn more about low vision aids 

Essentials: Home Delivery

Bulky and heavy household products delivered to Canadian AddressesMany things we need to run our household are big, bulky or heavy and going to the grocery store can be a chore.

You can now get home delivery of your daily essentials. Things like laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, toilet tissues, vitamins, canned goods and more can be delivered right to your front door in Canada.

This is an incredible opportunity for seniors and anyone else who would benefit from having someone else do the heavy lifting.

 Learn more about home delivery

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