Adaptive Clothing in Canada

What is done differently to make clothing adaptable for seniors, people with disabilities and anyone who needs assistance in dressing?

Typically, adaptive clothing garments feature additional design elements that consider the needs of the wearer of the clothes.

This can include elastic in the waistbands of pants and skirts, magnetic closures instead of buttons on dress shirts, VELCRO tabs on both clothing and shoes, clothing that snaps closed in the back and so much more.

It is a misconception that only people with serious physical problems should use adaptive clothing. 

The truth is, a large number of people could really benefit from one or more adaptive clothing solutions.

Adaptive clothing for men - velcro close pants CanadaDifficulties in dressing are common issues for seniors in Canada. 

Manipulating closures like buttons and zippers can be very difficult for a senior with stiff joints and a limited range of motion.

People who suffer from arthritis, limited dexterity in their hands, incontinence problems, Alzheimer's, and even foot problems can enjoy immediate relief from some of the challenges associated with dressing.

Don’t worry! Adaptive clothing looks just like “regular clothes”.

No one will be able to see that your shirt or pants include design features that make it easier to both dress and undress.

 High-quality, affordable adaptive clothing 

Adaptive Clothing looks great

Fashion adaptive clothing Canada You don’t need to look like you are wearing a hospital gown when you wear adaptive clothing.

You can wear attractive and stylish clothing while enjoying the benefits of comfortable, easy to wear adaptive clothing.

There are many adaptive selections that look like the clothes you would have purchased anyway.

Fashion adaptive clothing options make it possible for you to dress as the vibrant and active person that you are.

No one needs to know that you have a Velcro closure on your pants. They look like regular pants and they were easy to put on with your arthritis.

 Fashion adaptive clothing 

Adaptive sandals for women Canada

Adaptive clothing and shoes for men and women Canada   Silvert's Disabled Clothing for Elderly Care