Senior Adaptive Clothing

People often think that adaptable clothing is only for people in wheelchairs, those residing in retirement homes and for disabled people. 

It is true that adaptive clothing is tremendously valuable in all of those situations but did you know that there are adaptive clothing lines designed specifically with the needs of seniors in mind? 

Women’s adaptive tops, pants, dresses and more have built in design features that can help seniors who are dealing with a variety of physical and health challenges. 

There are adaptive clothing options for people with Alzheimer's, limited dexterity in their hands, arthritis, diabetes, limited mobility, incontinence problems, complications from MS /ALS, and more. 

The accessible design features in the adaptive clothing are cleverly hidden so that no one will ever know that you are wearing adaptive clothing.

Adaptive clothing and footwear for seniors. Available to all of Canada.

 Full Line Women's Adaptive Clothing