Magnetic Closure Women's Blouse for Seniors / Disabled

Magnetic Closing Shirt - Womens Magnetic Shirt - Great For Arthritis & Parkinson's CanadaThis women’s adaptive shirt features hidden magnets behind each decorative button. Available in Canada. 

Easy access, self-dressing for people with a variety of medical and health conditions including: Parkinson’s, ALS, Rheumatoid arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, lowered hand dexterity and more. 

The magnetic closing blouse has a lovely Y-neckline and features two pockets. 

The clothing magnets are concealed behind stylish buttons. Only you will know that you are wearing adaptive clothing. 

The magnets in the shirt are strong enough to hold together when you want them to and are easy to separate when it comes time to undress. 

Made of natural cotton Tencel® that’s luxurious, breathable and wrinkle-resistant. 

Give the gift of independence: clothing with concealed magnetic closures.

Warning: Not compatible with pacemakers. 

 Full Line Women's Adaptive Tops 

This adaptive clothing is suitable or can be categorized as: 

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