Seniors with medical conditions

Seniors can be subject to many health conditions.

Some of the most common issues seniors deal with are, cardiovascular (heart) disease, dementia, Parkinson's disease, broken hips, low vision, and hearing impairments.

Mobility and accessibility devices Canada

The new difficulties of daily life, from incontinence to needing help changing clothes, can also be frustrating.

For a senior wishing to remain living at home with a health condition, safety equipment and supplies can make the difference between independence and long term care.

Make sure you have everything you need to compensate for your health condition.

SODIAL sock / stocking aid Canada

SODIAL sock / stocking aid. This fantastic and flexible sock aid is a great helper for people with arthritis and for back pain sufferers.

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Be proactive!

Manage your health conditions and stay living safely at home in Canada.

There are many mobility aids and devices that act as tools for a more active lifestyle

Household aids can provide you with additional stability, support, balance and endurance.

Ettore Grip'n Grab Reaching Tool CanadaIn this section we have featured common helpful devices that can help with your medical condition.

A reaching and grabbing tool is very helpful.

Emergency Supplies

We all know that we should keep some emergency supplies on hand just in case something happens.

Having flashlights, batteries, blankets and LED lanterns are all necessary supplies to keep you safer during a power outage.

But what if the emergency is not that big?

What if you had the flu and could not leave your home for a week. Would you have what you need to live until you felt better?

Having some extra canned goods and some extra paper products can ensure that you are well prepared for anything that may happen.

Take charge and manage well. Give yourself the peace of mind that can only come from being independent.

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