Canes offer support

A cane may be able help you if you are experiencing health issues and mobility challenges due to aging.

Your new cane can provide you with many benefits. 

  • Help you increase endurance
  • Make up for reduced strength
  • Compensate for a limited range of motions
  • Support weak or painful joints

Hugo Quad Cane Adjustable for Right or Left Hand CanadaMaintain an active lifestyle and complete your daily tasks independently.

When used correctly, the right cane improves balance, aids stability by increasing the base of support, reduces the risk of falling as well as decreasing the weight you put on your lower-body joints.

A cane will redistribute your weight away from, and reduce the stress on, a painful joint or a weak leg.

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TIP: If you are going to need a lot of support from your cane, choose a cane with multiple feet as you can put more weight on them. 

Always check that a cane is suitable for your height and weight. If not, keep looking! The right cane for you is out there.


HurryCane: The all terrain cane CanadaThe most popular, best selling cane in North America! 

Highly reviewed by users.

Shipping available to Canada.

The HurryCane: Freedom Edition cane offers you support, comfort, convenience and performance.

Redesigned from top to bottom to give you more support and confidence with every step.

The new HurryCane: Freedom Edition is the best HurryCane model yet.

  • 20% lighter & 40% stronger than the original HurryCane.
  • Featuring superior grip and control with a shock-absorbing Comfort-Fit handle.
  • The pivoting base gives you reliable stability and balance.
  • With just the push of a button, instantly adjust to any of 5 convenient heights.
  • Folds up quickly and easily. Stores compactly.


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