4 Wheel Spitfire Scout DLX Compact Travel Scooter | Canada

Walking long distances or up inclines can sometimes be a challenge.

When you are going to be out for long day, it's nice to know that you have a safe, comfortable, easy to use scooter to help keep you get around.

The 4 Wheel Spitfire Scout DLX Compact Travel Scooter is compact, lightweight and easy to disassemble. 

Convenient mobility combined with excellent value.

A travel scooter could be just what you were looking for!

4 Wheel Spitfire Scout DLX Compact Travel Scooter available in CanadaNow available for shipping to Canadian addresses.

The four wheel configuration of this scooter provides excellent overall stability where ever you may be travelling, including rougher outdoor terrain.

Featuring solid, non-marking, flat free tires for worry free travel and rear anti-tip wheels for added safety.

There are many features that make this travel scooter a good choice for anyone who wants more mobility and independence. 

Even someone with limited strength or dexterity can operate this compact travel scooter.

Flip up armrests and a swivel seat make entering and exiting your Spitfire Scout DLX Compact Travel Scooter easy.

The seat is height adjustable and the padded armrests are width adjustable to accommodate users of all sizes.

This DLX model comes with high gloss color panels, metallic wheel rims, and stylish two-tone seat upholstery.

4 Wheel Spitfire Scout DLX Compact Travel Scooter can be disassembled into 5 easy to handle piecesThe interchangeable colour panels in red and blue glossy finish allow you to customize your travel scooter to your personal taste.

Easy to adjust angle tiller allows you to position the controller into the most ideal driving position. Ergonomic throttle control with easy freewheel operation.

Take your Spitfire Scout DLX Compact Travel Scooter wherever you want to go, either around the neighborhood or far from home.

This compact travel scooter can be disassembled quickly and easily into five easy-to-handle pieces for loading into a car, truck, or van.

The seat can fold completely flat, which comes in handy when transporting or storing the scooter.

  • 4.25 mph top speed and a 9 mile maximum cruising range

The Spitfire comes with an easy to remove, quick connect battery pack that can be charged separately from the scooter.

With the Spitfire Scout DLX Compact Travel Scooter you also get the lightweight, durable plastic front basket with convenient carry handle. An excellent solution for your mobility needs.  Never miss out again!

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