Indoor Walkers

If you have trouble walking, balance problems, limited dexterity, loss of strength, or leg and back problems, a walker may be the solution for you.

A walker is simply a tool to help make your daily activities easier to accomplish.

Traditional indoor walkers have four points of contact to the floor which makes them more stable than a cane.

To use this sort of walker, you simply pick up the lightweight walker and place it a short distance ahead of you. You walk up to the walker and then repeat until you get where you need to be.

Indoor walkers may also have wheels, glides or felt bottoms on the legs of the walker to ease movement, depending on the model chosen.

These types of walkers will typically fold up for easy transport and storage.

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Rollators for an active life

A rollator is a different approach to the walker.

A rollator will have three or four large wheels with a breaking system as well as handlebars and a built in seat. 

You can stop at any time and have a safe a secure place to sit and rest.

Lightweight Extra-wide Aluminum Rollator Walker with Seat CanadaRollators are often adjustable in height and are light-weight. This is a very sturdy option.

Easy to maneuver and steer, a rollator will move smoothly over carpets, hard floors, concrete and pavement.

Rollators are meant for indoor & outdoor use and will fold up for easy transportation.

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Available in heavy duty and extra wide options to accommodate every size of person.

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