Mobility Walkers

A walker is a mobility device that can provide you with additional balance and stability while you are walking.

There are several different styles of walkers you can choose from, depending on your physical situation and whether you plan to use your new walker on a permanent basis or this is simply a temporary mobility aid.

Mobility walkers for seniors CanadaA walker without wheels is an appropriate choice for someone who requires additional stability. 

With this type of walker, you must pick it up to move it. 

Strong, light-weight options are available.

You can also choose a walker with two wheels. The front wheels will allow you to push the walker forward more easily. The two fixed legs prevent the walker from moving while you are stepping forward. 

With this type of walker you are able to lean on it for balance.

Most mobility walkers are height adjustable and can fold for easy transport.

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Available in Canada

Quality walker with wheels. CanadaQuality mobility walkers for Canadian seniors.

PCP Mobility & Homecare Dual Release Adjustable Lightweight Standard Walker  is a great choice for a senior that needs more support and stability when walking.

This walker is constructed with strong aluminum and cross braces for added stability. Can support users up to 250 lbs.

This walker includes both skis and wheels for use on the front legs of the walker.  Choose what works best for your situation.

The wheels or skis will eliminate the need to lift up the walker – even when traveling over uneven surfaces. 

This can make it easier to get through door thresholds and you can even maneuver over grass or concrete.

This Lightweight Standard Walker is adjustable in height between 32 and 39 inches to accommodate any user.

Also features an easy to use palm-activated double-release to allow you to fold the walker for ease of storage and transport.

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